To Support Local you need to Know Local 🤩

We are a location-data and ticketing platform that connects users to an events-and-venues marketplace. We integrate social media features to compliment the users lifestyle with relevant and updated information in real time.

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Reliable information in realtime


Find out what's new and what's trending in your area!

Say goodbye to unreliable information scattered across the internet!

MERA centralizes all event and venue information into one app so that decision making becomes quicker and more sustainable.


Filtering system done right

MERA gives event & venue managers the tools to market specific information in real-time.

Does this venue have an entry fee? is there a dress code? what time is happy hour? does this bar have a bistro?

Tap into the map and see what our community of venue managers have to offer and make your decision then and there!

creating a social network

Bringing the Social Back to Social Media

We believe that the future of social media will be events-centric. Ticketing should feel like a lifestyle application rather than a tool; where users can engage with different communities managed by our event organisers!

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democratizing ticket management

MERA integrates ticket management into our control centre so event organizers can easily access these tools.

Ticket Sales

Competitive ticket pricing that allows event organizers to earn more on top of MERA's amazing community-building features.


The old way of purchasing and selling tickets via numerous platforms is outdated; utilise our centralize network that handles it all in one place


Ticketing done with transparencey and authenticity. No more ticket scams and third party complications when purchasing your tickets!

Community Feedback

What are people saying?

"A well thought out concept that seems more efficient than what is currently available. To be able to make yourself known to your locals as well as being able to edit details in real time is a significant advantage." ​
Caroline Abla
Owner of Abla's Patisserie
Sounds great if you can go to the one place and get all the information you need. Quite often when running events you can have 3-10+ platforms that you need to update all the information for and it becomes too much of a workload."
Manager, Miss Moses
"A great idea especially in busy areas like Chapel street where there are many different genres and different forms of events. Will allow people to accurately access events and social aspects that they desire."
Lucas Casella
venue Manager, lucky coq
This idea is perfect for small businesses, in our community we have members that don't use social media, having a platform like MERA gives our members the ability to stay updated with our gym's events and classes."
Sifu Sarah
Owner, Lifestyle martial arts
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